Facebook Fan Pages: How to Achieve Greater Participation of Your Fans

Having good content that is relevant to the public interest and the theme of the page and having a community that actively participates in it is extremely crucial for your fans.

10 Ways to Encourage the Participation of your Fans:

  • Call to Action
  • Add your own comments
  • Answer the questions
  • Post at the busiest times
  • Send updates to your fans
  • It allows and encourages networking
  • Open a Discussion Forum
  • Organize events
  • Encourage the use of the Share button
  • Sometimes it is convenient to leave the subject a bit

Call to Action

Many times we forget the importance of the so-called “call to action” or “call to action”. It seems obvious to us that before a note, who reads it will respond with a comment, but many times it is not. If we want people to write their comments, we must ask them. This is not exclusive to a fan page, and blogs are the same. The best way to encourage comment is to end the note with a relevant question. Make sure the question is in the space you see, many people do not press the link.

Add Your Own Comments

It may seem absurd, but it is not bad to add a comment even if it does not answer a specific question or the note you have written. How many times after publishing a note I can mention another example that clarifies my point of view better! In addition, many times we publish other people’s notes, all the better to add our own thoughts, clarify some point, express some disagreement, etc.

Answer The Questions

At least answer the questions you can as soon as possible and/or encourage the community to answer them. I have found that some people with little experience on the web believe that only the person who wrote the note can answer, that is not the case. FB does not have the possibility to put together a thread with the conversation (it is when you answer a person directly through a Replay link), but you can answer several questions by addressing the person who made a comment or asking by name in twitter style (@ name); then if you answer Alicia, it would look like this: @alicia and then your answer.

Post At The Busiest Times

It is important to know the time when your fans are more likely to comment. That can be a bit complicated if your fans are very widespread geographically, as there are areas that have more than 5 hours of differences. Experiment and take note.

Send Updates To Your Fans

Each of the tabs has its own URL, as does each of the discussions in an FB forum. So if a topic gets very interesting, you can send an update to all the fans. How is it done? Well, this option is a bit hidden. Click on the “Edit Page” link that is just below your photo or logo (top left); then in the “Promote Page” section choose “Send an update”.

Allow And Incentive In Networking

If you want to have a community, you must enable and encourage the exchange between fans. For example, you can allow them to post notes or share photos of their products; I think a little self-promotion is fine, as long as it is respectful of others and is on the subject.

Open a Discussion Forum

I have not tried this option yet, but it may be a good idea to encourage exchange in the community through a forum. But you must monitor it closely so that it is not filled with spammers.

Organize Events

If your fans are in specific areas, you can organize a face-to-face meeting somewhere. It is not necessary to invest a lot, and you can summon them to meet at some confectionery and have everyone pay their share. Or maybe you can make an online meeting, video conference type using a webcam and Skype. Use your imagination. In addition to the events, you can organize contests, issue coupons for discounts on your products put together questionnaires, etc. Use your imagination.

Encourage The Use Of The Share Button

I have not tried this yet, if it is a variation of the “call to action”, if your fans share your post, you have more possibilities to reach their own contacts who are not yet fans of your page.

Sometimes It Is Convenient To Leave A Little Topic

I know that I have said many times that we must keep the focus, but I think that from time to time there must be some change, give the human touch. For example, sometimes on the weekend, I publish a link about a tourist destination (don’t we travel with my mind on Sundays helped by the daily supplements?). Or it could be some inspirational quote or share some personal (not necessarily intimate) news.


Maintaining a fan page on Facebook can take time and dedication, especially if we want to encourage fans to actively participate. I have found that the Hispanic public is less likely to participate than the American, but somewhere you have to start.

I think that many times we fail to achieve consistency because we believe that if the results do not occur in the time and way we want them, it does not work. The other point that we do not understand very well is the need to ask the other person to do what we want him to do, we consider it obvious, but experience tells us that it is not.

Internet is not an obstacle course, but a marathon, it takes time and effort to achieve results, but it is worth it.